Beatrice Manley and Janet Lewis, mid-60's. Photographer: Danny Winters (?)


My Breath in Art: Acting from Within
Applause Books, New York City, (1988 ISBN 1-55783-281-1 pbk)

An Actor's Dickens: Scenes for Audition and Performance from the Works of Charles Dickens
Applause Books, New York City, (2001 ISBN: 1-55783-469-5)

Theater Workshop for Seniors
(unpublished ms.)

So You wanna be an Actor
Cartoons by Beatrice Manley
(unpublished ms., 1980's)


Orphan Goddess
(1978 PAU 2-698-407)

(c. 11/13/79 #152-227)

Conjur Woman
(c.12/6/79 # 158-217 PAU)

(c.4/16/80 #210-750mPAU)

(c.2/10/82 #373-157 PAU)

Hanjo: A Free Adaptation [for the stage] of a Story by Yukio Mishima

The Narcissist [Narcissist] a play in one act
(c.10/4/82 #442-977 PAU)

Sweet Adeline County (screenplay)
(c.3/4/88 #1 069 815 PAU)
Also registered with the Writers Guild of America, West Inc.
(1/6/88 #37803; 1/6/93 #514175)

Young Finny from Finnyland
(c. 10/5/89 #1 315 517 PAU)

A Predicament (A Deconstruction. A head of its time.)
Adapted from The Scythe of Time by Edgar Allan Poe, l990

The Adventurer's Last Rites
l998, PAU 2-69

Plays of Total Realism
c. 2000

The Three Ladies

Making Believe

The Little Tin Soldier

Casting for the Firebirrd



What the Coach Said

A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Three Witches

The Big Audition


The Three Musketeers

A Gray Sleeve
adapted from a story by Steven Crane


Alice in Wonderland
California Institute of the Arts acting class production, conceived and directed by Beatrice Manley

My Pink Cactus
Luisa Miller, a film made on Beatrice Manley's 60th birthday.

The Narcissist, A Play by Beatrice Manley
Loosely based on a short story by Anais Nin.

California Institute of the Arts acing class production, conceived and directed by Beatrice Manley

By Beatrice Manley. Film of world premiere, California Institute of the Arts, festival of New Music, 1980. Title role by Beatrice Manley, Actors include David Robertson, Pauline Oliveros, Gordon Mumma, and Linda Montano. Film direction by Luisa Miller; editing/editorial concept by Dick Blau

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